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Category: Process

Process: Features and Functionality Document

by Jeff Carver on August 6, 2015.

One of Robojuice’s major learning curves happened in the early stages of the business when our team encountered projects in which our perception of necessary features and functionality differed from the client’s. When a client’s understanding of a particular feature’s capabilities and its response in the digital realm differs from what our team actually delivers,...

Process: Onboarding

by Jeff Carver on July 28, 2015.

Once a prospect and Robojuice have determined it is a fit to work together, the Robojuice process is engaged. We go over three primary processes with the client. 1. The Robojuice Process The objective is for the client to feel the project is being properly managed to client expectations, the budget and the schedule. The...

Process: Determining Fit

by Jeff Carver on July 23, 2015.

Robojuice is about doing the right thing for each client based on their particular situation and set of issues. We take the lead on digital initiatives and partner with like-minded clients toward mutually beneficial ends. We are not in business just to sell websites, applications or software. The first step in our process is to...

The Refined Process

by Jeff Carver on January 16, 2015.

Web can be intimidating for those who do not immerse themselves in it daily and or for a career. The thought of taking on a web initiative can be a source of some stress and possibly a less than positive anticipation. When working with our wonderful clients, we understand they are engaging us many reasons and...