Process: Features and Functionality Document

One of Robojuice’s major learning curves happened in the early stages of the business when our team encountered projects in which our perception of necessary features and functionality differed from the client’s. When a client’s understanding of a particular feature’s capabilities and its response in the digital realm differs from what our team actually delivers, that is not a refined experience. So to create a refined experience, we adjusted our process.

Now we provide our clients with a Features and Functionality document immediately after the design phase is complete. This document outlines the function of each page, section, icon, slider, box and roll-over. Sometimes we even specify what these features do not do. We then discuss that document in person with the client who either approves it or requests a revision. Once the document has been approved, we move into the development phase of the project.

It’s a bit tedious at times, but it’s worth the effort. Our clients like to see their expectations clearly described on paper so we can deliver exactly what they want. No surprises, no misunderstandings. Just a contented clients.

The longer we’re in this business, the easier it is to identify opportunities for improvement. Each project and relationship presents an opportunity for us to refine our process and our clients’ experience.

by Jeff Carver on August 6, 2015.

Process: Onboarding

Once a prospect and Robojuice have determined it is a fit to work together, the Robojuice process is engaged. We go over three primary processes with the client.

1. The Robojuice Process

The objective is for the client to feel the project is being properly managed to client expectations, the budget and the schedule. The client is directed on when to be involved and when they do not have to think about the initiative. The client has key sign offs within the five milestones:

  1. Planning
  2. Concept and design
  3. Coding and programming
  4. Testing
  5. Launch

2. Working with Robojuice

There needs to be a development environment that mirrors the live environment. Coding the design and programming the features and functionality, client reviews and client approvals are made on development. Once everything is approved and migrated to the live environment, the new system needs to be managed and maintained. This is discussed with the client and determined early in the process so once it is live that plan of action is implemented and there is no scrambling to figure it all out last minute. Robojuice will either be managing the ongoing relationship or will help transition it to another manager.

3. Technical Specifications

When we are ready to launch and cannot do so because of recently uncovered technical issues it is a hassle for both parties. Hosting, environment, browsers supported, hardware being utilized and any needed access levels are acquired early in the process. No one wants to be excited and ready to launch and have delays due to a  lack of planning in this area.

All of these processes are set up to make sure the client has a more refined experience with digital initiatives and partnerships with Robojuice.

by Jeff Carver on July 28, 2015.

Process: Determining Fit

Robojuice is about doing the right thing for each client based on their particular situation and set of issues. We take the lead on digital initiatives and partner with like-minded clients toward mutually beneficial ends. We are not in business just to sell websites, applications or software.

The first step in our process is to determine fit between the potential client and Robojuice. This starts with a conversation either by phone or in person. We begin with listening and asking questions. What are the goals and reasons behind those goals? What are the needs and wants? Is there a set scope of work completed or does that need to be prepared? We want to hear as much as possible in order to help.

After listening and asking appropriate questions, we then explain how Robojuice forms a relationship with a client. Clients engage Robojuice for our expertise online so we walk through how we are able to be successful working together. We talk about expectations, the timeline, determine exactly what is needed along with what is being requested and talk about money. Money is very important in the initial discussion. A budget or range must be mentioned by the prospect or enough information should be given for Robojuice to give a ballpark number. This is for a realistic reaction from both parties to determine next steps.

We are not a fit for everyone but we always want to help. If we are not a fit, we will still offer input on strategy and possibly point you in the direction of other potential resources. Taking the time to determine a fit with a potential client will lead to a much better relationship which returns much better results.

by Jeff Carver on July 23, 2015.

The Refined Process

Web can be intimidating for those who do not immerse themselves in it daily and or for a career. The thought of taking on a web initiative can be a source of some stress and possibly a less than positive anticipation.

When working with our wonderful clients, we understand they are engaging us many reasons and one of them is our process. Simply, the client being comfortable knowing we will drive the process from start to finish. The client will make key decisions along the path but they will not have to facilitate and manage getting their web initiatives done. We will facilitate that as painlessly as possible, on time, on budget and then meet or hopefully exceed expectations. We will also try to explain as clearly as possible what is happening and when so the client feels better about the terminologies, strategies and tactics online.

Even during the initial onboarding segment, our desire is that the client feels they are being heard and respected but they will not have to worry about coordinating next steps for or with Robojuice. Once the engagement level is agreed to, the client will have a mapped out plan to get their web initiatives knocked out with excellence. There will be meetings set to make decisions on strategy and design, then the client will approve and sit back while Robojuice handles the necessary aspects of project management.

No one is perfect and we surely are not, but our goal is to provide a refined experience all around and manage the process from prospect to launch.

by Jeff Carver on January 16, 2015.