We watch billions of hours of video online everyday. On just YouTube alone we watch over 1 billion hours. The web is the new TV. Kindly put, if you are ignoring video online you are losing out on potential attention. You must take video seriously within the online world.

To win online with video you need to activate your audience by planning a strategic approach. To get practical, I sit down and talk with Will Stewart at 9/8 Central about his story and what businesses can do to win in an age of Facebook live streaming and YouTube.

Will is the CEO and founder of the award winning video production and story telling company 9/8 Central. Will has helped companies like TD Bank, Michelin, GE, Milliken, Volkswagen, BMW, U.S. Olympic Team, Southern Tide, FATZ Cafe, YMCA and many others make high quality and engaging videos.

Will points out several things when it comes to video:

  1. A great video has a call to action. Even a fluff piece.
  2. Live streaming on any platform needs to be planned. Especially Facebook. Have a plan and get out of the business of simply executing.
  3. You must know your audience. Is your audience moms online at 9:00 PM at night?
  4. The products people understand the clearest win, not the products with the most features. Make your videos and message clear.
  5. Videos online engage billions of our hours. You cannot ignore the numbers.
  6. You must have focus to be successful (There are exceptions but do not default to thinking you are the one). As a company, 9/8 Central is focused on delivering great stories through video.
  7. Communicating your message is critical. Communication is more than words. Yes, words matter but they only represent a small percentage of communication. Video captures words but also tone of voice and body language.

by Kevin Dees on July 6, 2017.