CoverQuest introduced themselves to us in the fall of 2013. The great guys at Orange Coat referred us to take over the strategy, planning, management and support of this ecommerce company. From the initial meeting the challenge was evident and we made a straightforward recommendation. They agreed and we set off partnering with them by addressing a few critical refinements, then working on the larger changes in structure and design to vastly increase overall speed on their website and to better refine the user search experience without doing a complete overhaul at great expense to CoverQuest. The results have been impressive and we love working with the talented and fun team – Brian Pruitt featured here – at CoverQuest.

Take it from Marina, she’s killing it right now!

Where to start…we had countless problems with our website when we met Robojuice. We were even considering going another direction with The largest was an outdated and broken platform that hindered us from updating products among other things. We were constantly having to find new ways to work around our website in order to update and add new products.

Robojuice rebuilt our website’s platform not only giving us the ability to add and update products, but the flexibility to design awesome ecommerce landing pages, collect product reviews, and process orders more efficiently.

CoverQuest is selling more covers than ever! Our business is finally on the right track to success and we couldn’t be happier to have such and awesome partner like Robojuice to help us plan for the future! We hated the idea of letting CoverQuest go after all the hard work and time we had all invested in it. I cannot tell you how glad I am that that did not have to happen, thanks to you guys!!!”

Marina Pruitt, CoverQuest