In the words of innovative author Simon Sinek, “If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.”

This statement from Simon’s talk resonates with Robojuice because it describes our approach to business. People and relationships should be the center of business, and a company’s ability to make that happen directly impacts not only its clients’ success, but also its own.

Every relationship is important. Interactions with clients, bosses and fellow employees all affect the work environment for good or bad. Those who treat one another respectfully create a healthy work environment, which allows the team to produce better results for the business’s clients.

Robojuice originated with the mission to do what’s right no matter what. We have built trust with our clients by being transparent with them and each other about the reality of any situation. We strive to be what we claim to be and do what we promise to do. We are invested in the people with whom partner, and we endeavor to put their personal needs before any project.

It was only after we began pursuing this mission that we realized others were of the same mindset. Our clients and partners shared these same values and beliefs. That commonality has strengthened our relationships with them produced better results as it created harmony within the team.

Having clarity in our mission has helped us avoid unhealthy partnerships and client relationships—relationships in which individuals value personal gain more than the success of the team. We have been able to filter out those prospects before putting a business relationship at risk.