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Core Values

Everything we do hinges on our value of people. It's our culture.

Relationships Come First

People are the business.

Be Positive

Encourage and build up each other.

Refine Everything

There is always a way to get better.

Work and Play Hard

Work and live life to the fullest.

Committed to Commitments

Integrity and discipline.

The Team Matters

We all build the business.

Variety of Challenges

Never Get Bored at Work

Enjoy a variety of tools in the PHP ecosystem like Laravel. Develop Robojuice software products like TypeRocket and BWL.

Healthy Team Members

How We Care About Our People

Culture and people are our first priorities. Part of that is taking care of the team.


Be a part of an experienced team. Work directly with leadership.

Remote First

Work from home or work from the office. It is up to you.

PTO Policy

Our policy is generosity. Take the time you need.

Health Insurance

We help you with your choice of insurance.

Friday Lunches

Relationships are forged over food and drinks and stories.

Work and Life Balance

We respect your evenings and weekends.

Simple IRA Option

We match of up to 1% of your salary.

Monthly Gift Cards

We ensure your coffee cup stays full each month.

Team Member Review

Robbie Fitzwater

Email / Lifecycle Marketing


Team Members


I've had the privilege of partnering on numerous projects with the Robojuice team for the last 5+ years. From the get-go, you can tell that they've got the details locked down. The process is smooth and onboarding is easy. I've worked a couple of different ways with the team. When they have a scope of work it is clear, detailed, and planned to deliver results, and as a contractor when collaborating they're open to input on the scope (related to your part) that will further drive results for clients. Many of the projects we've worked together on have been eCommerce, involved a good bit of work, but have always been enjoyable! Compensation is fair and payment is always on time. Kevin and Jeff are extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, and always make it fun to partner with them.

SEO Guru

I offer white-label services to a handful of agencies, but none have their stuff together like Robojuice does. They are professional but personable. Confident in their recommendations, but comfortable taking feedback. This makes partnering with Kevin and Jeff a no-brainer. They treat me right and attract high-quality clients that are also easy to work with.

Digital Marketer

I have loved working with Robojuice. The projects have been interesting and fun and they've always clearly communicated the scope of work. The pay is great too!

Web Designer

Partnering with Jeff and Kevin is always a great experience, with clear and honest communication from beginning to end, a complete understanding of the project they’re hiring me for, and a respect for my time and talents.

Web Designer & Developer

From project start to finish, working with Kevin and Jeff at Robojuice has been a great experience, with lots of opportunities for engaging projects. Communication is excellent, timely and focused on helping you succeed in understanding the project and meeting deadlines.

Senior Developer

Robojuice takes onboarding very seriously. Theirs is the most thorough process of any team we have worked with. All that work in the beginning paid off and we received an incredible product that did exactly what we needed and more.

Emmy Award Winning Director

Our Hiring Process

We take the time to make sure we find the best fit for you and for us.

  • 1. We Pray over potential candidates and for them to be sent our direction.
  • 2. We post the position and check in with our network for referrals.
  • 3. We will review your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • 4. We will have a "get to know you" conversation over coffee.
  • 5. You take a Working Genius® assessment to discover the gifts you will bring to work.
  • 6. Formal interviews with Kevin and Jeff.
  • 7. Formal interviews with trusted friends of Robojuice.
  • 8. Review of compensation, Benefits, Job Description, KPIs and Robojuice policies.
  • 9. Have a group outing like a dinner with you and your partner or spouse (if applicable).
  • 10. We pray over everything again. Then, we make an offer or send a Thank You note.