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WordPress sites & their Google rankings

You have probably heard that WordPress sites rank on Google better than other content management systems. But, did you know that Google as a company actually works to improve WordPress so it performs better?

This is exciting for anyone using WordPress as their business websites platform. However, do not get too excited. Not all agencies and developers building WordPress websites take advantage of the SEO work Google and others have done. As a result, your website may not be ranking on Google as well as it could.

As an example, speed is a ranking factor where WordPress sites fall short when not crafted carefully. We advise our clients to test their websites Google ranked page speed. 

You can test your website's score for free using Google's PageSpeed Insights.

If you have a poor page speed score you are missing out on better Gooogle rankings. Further, if your score is low there is bound to be other SEO and design flaws in the content and code of your website.

At Robojuice the WordPress sites we craft average 15 - 30 points higher than sites built by other agencies. That means our WordPress client's websites perform 30% better in terms of speed than their competition.

We are able to boost page speed and ranking using multiple techniques and technologies. To name a few:

  • We use the WP Rocket WordPress plugin on the sites we craft. WP Rocket boosts site speed significantly and can be used on any WordPress site.
  • We use CloudFlare for DNS. CloudFlare is a DNS provider that boost site speed and makes your site more secure too.
  • We use TypeRocket. TypeRocket is a framework we created at Robojuice to help with speed for custom sites and is used by thousands of WordPress sites and hundreds of other companies.
  • We use Premium Amazon Web Services EC2 hosting for all of our WordPress client sites.

In summary, when you choose WordPress as your platform keep in mind that how your site is built plays as big a part as the platform you choose.

WordPress is secure to the core

It is a myth that WordPress is not secure and frequently gets hacked.

Does that shock you? Has your WordPress website been hacked? Then you need to know this.

The WordPress core is the most tested CMS in the open source community.

Every platform will eventually have a security issue, WordPress or another platform. When a security issue does occur you will be glad you had used WordPress. Why? Because WordPress receives security fixes and patches blazing fast. Other platforms cannot say that.

If your WordPress site has ever gotten hacked it is not for the reasons you might think.

The selection of plugins used with WordPress is the real security threat. When you get a WordPress website designed ask the agency or the developer you work with what plugins they use and ask them to cover the plugin track record.

When we craft WordPress sites at Robojuice we only used our approved list of secure plugins and tools and advise our clients on their plugin selection.

Security is a hot topic because if you are hacked it can mean Google removing you from their index. An event like that could cost your business its brand image and prospects.

WordPress Security

Learn about WordPress security

Listen to our podcast with Brad Williams. In this episode, we address the security of your website.

WordPress is easy to use

While it is true that WordPress is easy to use it is truer that how a WordPress site is built determines how easy it is to use.

Websites built correctly on WordPress are easy to use. However, that doesn't mean your last WordPress website was built correctly. 

Often agencies will put their junior developers on your "small" business website project. Many times that kind of approach leads to a slow and plugin cluttered admin portal experience. When too many third-party plugins are used updating and adding content to a WordPress website can be confusing, worrying, and time-consuming.

Your business should be taken seriously by an agency. At Robojuice your WordPress site is built correctly. With the right leadership, the development team will craft an easy to use WordPress website that gives you confidence.

When an agency says they can make you a WordPress website ask who is leading the development team and how many third-party plugins they use. At Robojuice our projects are led by senior staff and are typically built with 2 to 4 third-party plugins.

WordPress is supported by a massive community

Did you know that WordPress economy is an estimated 10 billion dollar market? The reason for this is a massive and competitive community of WordPress agencies, app developers, theme designers, and software titans.

A community of WordPress size brings a lot to the table in terms of benefits for your business:

  1. Switching web design agencies is easy with seemingly endless alternatives.
  2. Growing businesses have a deep pool of talent available to expand their team.
  3. The wide availability of training, support, and consulting resources.

Here are a few resources and tips you can use to improve your experience with WordPress and take advantage of the WordPress economy.

  1. Use a WordPress website design agency that is actively involved in WordPress events like WordCamp. Agencies that are involved in WordCamps are less likely to deliver underperforming websites. At Robojuice we attended and speak at WordCamps in multiple states.
  2. Follow WordPress on Twitter to know when software updates are coming and how they might affect your website.
  3. Use third-party plugins but limit the number used by your website. Sites with more than 6 plugins typically run slower and have poor search engine rankings. WP Rocket is one plugin that can greatly benefit your WordPress website.