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Customer Story

Tom Geiss

Engineer Essentials


"We had an existing website that already had pretty decent SEO and traffic, but our UX needed some major TLC. Our initial goal was to have Robojuice help us provide a clear message to our customers in an easy to navigate website layout. Our main goal was not to lose our existing SEO standing with the website redesign. Robojuice helped us by providing our website with a complete makeover! Our site now has a consistent theme across all pages, we deliver a consistent message to our clients, and our site is now super easy to navigate for our customers – without a drop in our SEO cred! BONUS POINTS: with the new theme that they created for us, adding, updating, and posting new materials to our website is easier than I ever dreamed it could be! Now we have an amazing website to help us share our message, free resources, and educational blog to the engineering world!"


"We met with Robojuice several times during the redesign process. Jeff & Kevin really wanted to get to know us so that they could make sure to keep our message, and more importantly, our brand properly represented on the site. They asked several questions to learn what we wanted, what we THOUGHT we needed, and our vision for the redesign. TOGETHER we created a plan of action – which was probably the most vital part of the whole process. When we reviewed the new design for the first time, we were so pleased that they nailed our vision on the first round!
BONUS: Robojuice is more than just a website development team. They helped with our content, our story, our brand – our message!"


"We now have a consistent, easy to navigate, and aesthetically pleasing website for our users! Our users can now access our free educational resources with super ease, learn more about us, and access our online training courses without the worry of getting lost in our website spiderweb. We have a clear path for our customers and provide the appropriate information and instructions for our potential customers. On the back end, it is now easier than ever to make updates to our website. With the simple framework and theme that Robojuice created for us, adding a new blog, page, FAQ section, etc. is as easy as drag and drop! Our new website redesign, front and back end, has helped save us time and money – all while providing our users with an attractive website!"