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The Farm House

We Ride, We Show, We Know.

Customer Story

Michelle Drum

The Farm House


We were experiencing multiple website issues on Big Commerce and lost sales related to speed, product loading, and check-out process, along with additional back-end issues with the display on mobile devices and platform stability.


Within the first meeting, Robojuice showed us we were losing many customers and sales due to the slow speed and difficult navigation of our website. Robojuice made some initial updates and changes to our initial website increasing stability and speed, from which we saw an immediate improvement in conversions. We then committed to a project to migrate the website to a new platform more suited to our needs suggested by Robojuice as well as a website recreation.

Upon completion of the migration, and launch of the redesigned store, our conversion rates exploded exceeding our initial growth expectations. Our customers love the new site, the ease of check out and our employees love how easy it is to manage inventory and products on the platform.


We are currently a little over six (6) months into the new platform and website redesign and the growth has been phenomenal on multiple avenues. We have increased our staff in multiple departments, we have created new jobs and departments through the store, and are in the process of obtaining more workspace.

Robojuice was very easy to work with and very detail-oriented in explaining each step of the process to our management team. The problems addressed and the solutions suggested were concise and easy to understand. The staff is friendly and available whenever questions or issues arise. They are also quick to recognize potential future issues quickly communicating ways to head off potential issues and make suggestions on how we can continue to grow and improve our business.