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Category: eCommerce

How We Made Using WordPress an Easy Choice

by Kevin Dees on June 20, 2017.

WordPress is an easy choice if you know how to stop the chaos of plugins by using the right tools. WordPress plugins help anyone add features to their website with a single click. If you need a contact form there is a plugin for that. If you need to keep hackers out there is a...

Great headlines inspire

by Kevin Dees on June 13, 2014.

You have heard it too often. The elevator-pitch. The pitch just doesn’t engage you and its why you should keep it to 30 seconds. So, why make the pitch your websites primary headline? This Apple headline takes a different approach, “You’re more powerful than you think. iPhone 5s”. Great headlines like this inspire and call you into action. Apple steps away from their phone to speak to you instead. Apple...