You have heard it too often. The elevator-pitch. The pitch just doesn’t engage you and its why you should keep it to 30 seconds. So, why make the pitch your websites primary headline?

This Apple headline takes a different approach, “You’re more powerful than you think. iPhone 5s”. Great headlines like this inspire and call you into action. Apple steps away from their phone to speak to you instead. Apple engages you and then pitch with one word. They clearly connect the quality of “powerful” to you and the iPhone.

Why does it work? You believe what they believe. You believe that you are “powerful” and so does Apple. All Apple does with the iPhone 5s is deliver, with integrity, that promise of “powerful”. Speaking to your beliefs and connecting with those who believe the same is what drives engagement. Delivering with integrity what you believe drives trust and builds relationship. Some believe in cheaper prices and saving money. Others believe that beauty is without price. Some believe in convenience and speed while others believe in a more personal touch.

Before you write that next headline consider what you believe not just what you have to offer.