In the world of agencies, free lancers and collaborative environments there is a notion that if there is not a client meeting that day then why show up at the office groomed and dressed for a client meeting.

There is purpose in everything you do. Every day has a meaning and a value and how you dress and present yourself matters.

What if you approached every day as a client meeting? In fact, it essentially is a client meeting every day. Your coworkers are your clients. Your manager and your reports are your clients. If you work as a freelancer or in a collaborative environment where you might rent office space, all the others in the office – including their clients – are your clients. Or, they could easily be if they do not see the sloppy grooming, wrinkled t-shirt, shorts and flip flops every day.

Your appearance is a part of your brand whether a one-person shop or part of an overall shop. Perception is an indicator and the mind tends to follow a pattern that if you are put together and things are in order then so would be your work process and deliverables.

I am not saying never wear a t-shirt or shorts to work but focus on intent in your presentation. A clean, proper fitting t-shirt in the right ensemble works in your favor. Shorts can do the same as well as jeans and more casual footwear.

Wear clothes that fit you properly. Not overly baggy and not overly tight. Pay a little attention to style and trends or stick to classic basics to be safe. I work with designers, developers and client service types that always look good whether in t-shirts and jeans or suited up. It is all in showing a little care in your selections.

So, the next time you roll out to hit the road for work, take the time to be purposeful. Trust me, you will feel better and see better results.