Tools: Project Management

by Kevin Dees on March 21, 2016.

Sophisticated projects demand a sophisticated management approach. Keeping commitments and delivering projects on time requires team transparency and concrete deadlines. Unfortunately, meeting deadlines within a group is not always easy. It requires a tracking process that allows goals to be broken down into tasks. And transparency calls for open, visible conversations.

This is why we use Basecamp as our project management software. Basecamp makes it easy to create and assign tasks, discuss ideas, keep up with milestones and measure the progress of a project.

Robojuice relies on Basecamp to keep every team conversation, task and deadline in one place. This visible documentation protects against communication breakdowns, and no one is left asking what happened or when a task is due.

As we constantly advance our processes, Basecamp has become a powerful tool for delivering a refined experience.

Tools: File Sharing

by Kevin Dees on March 14, 2016.

File sharing—we do it all the time, which is why it should be easy. Whether it’s Wireframes, designs, contracts, code or process documents, locating fundamental information should be straight forward.

That’s why Robojuice utilizes a program called Dropbox. Dropbox takes cloud file sharing and makes it as simple as adding folders on your desktop. Because Dropbox stores files in the cloud, our clients can access their files from any device, any time, anywhere.

Code is another matter. For programing, we use GitHub to share and collaborate with clients and developers. GitHub has the ability to version, secure and keep everyone up-to-date on the project programing process.

Achieving organization through programs like Dropbox and GitHub is not only crucial to on-time delivery, but it also provides peace of mind for Robojuice and a refined experience for our clients. We know it’s important to take time for the simple things, like how we share files.

The Refined Tools

by Jeff Carver on July 7, 2015.

The right tools for the job definitely applies in the digital world. Using technology tools to maximize impact, efficiency and influence allows for a more refined experience. Here are just a few areas to explore.

Project Management

Emails, text messages, calls, text documents and other communication items become confusing and frustrating for clients and therefore do not create a refined experience. Using a proven project management software to have all conversation, schedule, tasks and discussions in one place and transparent to the contributors makes lives easier all around. And, having access to that tool on multiple devices really helps.

File Sharing

Having files available in an organized manner aids the overall experience. Not having to request files when they are missing or misplaced, not sending them over email or flash drive or CD or other file transfer methods again allows the overall experience to be smoother. And, keeping the access to those files from your multiple devices makes us all happy.

Content Management Systems

These systems are important for managing our digital assets. Make sure the proper system is selected for the right project is a major step. Know the details of who will be managing the system, who has access to update and edit the system, necessary features and functionality, the community and the lifespan of that system are some of the many points to consider before selecting a content management system tool.

Take the time to find the right tools. Tools make a difference and the right tools produce a more refined experience.

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