Each day I am so thankful that I live and work in Greenville, South Carolina. Greenville offers young professionals a great mix of lifestyle and business opportunities. There are so many smart, energetic and talented people living and working here. Some of those people put the website Life in Greenville up to help showcase life and work in Greenville.

For Robojuice, if we need any skill in web, digital or technology or to talk through topics like strategy or design we have an abundance of resources at hand. Having to decide who is the best person or persons to talk with about a topic versus trying to find someone is awesome. And, on top of that they are just good, fun people that we enjoy engaging.

For lifestyle, I love the blend of amazing art venues and activities with local restaurant options and outdoor adventure possibilities. I have access to such a wonderful art community here in Greenville and the Upstate. Advocate groups like the Metropolitan Arts Council will tell you how well Greenville supports the arts and just how many arts performances and events are happening.

I am not a foodie by any stretch, but the quality local food choices here are incredible. I am a big proponent for local establishments as well. Nothing against national chains but local, unique to Greenville area restaurants are my favorite choices.

I love being active and having adventures. I am not a camper, but hiking, running, biking, walking and just enjoying the beauty of Greeville and the Upstate of South Carolina relaxes me which also then rejuvenates me. Table Rock State Park, Jones Gap State Park and Paris Mountain State Park are all within 45 minutes of Greenville and allow you to unplug and get outside.

I love telling people I live and work here. I have friends who have moved here from elsewhere who do not tell their friends and others they live here because they do not want too many people moving here and affecting the unique dynamic. That is the gem we call Greenville, South Carolina.