At times, a company will approach Robojuice about responding some type of Request for Proposal (RFP) document for their web needs. This document is typically a long, intensive outline with requested information about what the company team collectively feels are necessary web tactics or possibly solutions for their company online. The intentions are good and they have spent a lot of time preparing this document. However, there are several key issues in this approach. Here are a few for starters:

  • It would be arrogant and unrealistic of the responding web firm to say they could provide a real solution to the requesting company without actually knowing the real goals, objectives and challenges being faced in this specific company and even the company’s industry.
  • Knowing the true goals, objectives and challenges in order to make the proper diagnosis and provide a solution is a very high value to be provided by a web firm to a requesting company. It could be argued it is the highest value to actually uncover the real issue, so why would they do it for free or with the chance to get some work or some compensation for all their valuable, strategic efforts.
  • Like most commissioned work, almost all web projects and web retainers are decided on outside of the RFP document and process. Relationships, reputations, shared beliefs and referrals are really what decides what web firm will partner with the requesting company.
  • With this approach, the web firms are bidding to get the work from the requesting company, not provide a real web solution. Discussions with the requesting company are centered around the cost, shortest timeline or other select variables versus discussing the proposed solutions to the real web issues and then selecting the best option(s) based on the company’s uncovered goals and objectives, then the budget and the timeline.
  • Almost always, you get what you pay for. If a company is requesting free proposals the web firms responding will simply provide proposals to get the money. If a company pays a fee for the analysis and proposal, they value it more and are more comfortable and confident with the proposed solutions.

Make it easier and get real solutions on the web. Meet with a firm like Robojuice and also other firms and determine a fit. Then commission and engage one of them to uncover the real goals and objectives so the web firm may provide actual web solutions. This is all part of a more refined experience for web.