Robojuice is about doing the right thing for each client based on their particular situation and set of issues. We take the lead on digital initiatives and partner with like-minded clients toward mutually beneficial ends. We are not in business just to sell websites, applications or software.

The first step in our process is to determine fit between the potential client and Robojuice. This starts with a conversation either by phone or in person. We begin with listening and asking questions. What are the goals and reasons behind those goals? What are the needs and wants? Is there a set scope of work completed or does that need to be prepared? We want to hear as much as possible in order to help.

After listening and asking appropriate questions, we then explain how Robojuice forms a relationship with a client. Clients engage Robojuice for our expertise online so we walk through how we are able to be successful working together. We talk about expectations, the timeline, determine exactly what is needed along with what is being requested and talk about money. Money is very important in the initial discussion. A budget or range must be mentioned by the prospect or enough information should be given for Robojuice to give a ballpark number. This is for a realistic reaction from both parties to determine next steps.

We are not a fit for everyone but we always want to help. If we are not a fit, we will still offer input on strategy and possibly point you in the direction of other potential resources. Taking the time to determine a fit with a potential client will lead to a much better relationship which returns much better results.