One of Robojuice’s major learning curves happened in the early stages of the business when our team encountered projects in which our perception of necessary features and functionality differed from the client’s. When a client’s understanding of a particular feature’s capabilities and its response in the digital realm differs from what our team actually delivers, that is not a refined experience. So to create a refined experience, we adjusted our process.

Now we provide our clients with a Features and Functionality document immediately after the design phase is complete. This document outlines the function of each page, section, icon, slider, box and roll-over. Sometimes we even specify what these features do not do. We then discuss that document in person with the client who either approves it or requests a revision. Once the document has been approved, we move into the development phase of the project.

It’s a bit tedious at times, but it’s worth the effort. Our clients like to see their expectations clearly described on paper so we can deliver exactly what they want. No surprises, no misunderstandings. Just content clients.

The longer we’re in this business, the easier it is to identify opportunities for improvement. Each project and relationship presents an opportunity for us to refine our process and our clients’ experience.