We love our clients. We enjoy meeting them and getting their feedback. But whether we’re communicating over emails, Basecamp® project updates, phone calls, texts, formal meetings or casual lunch conversations—they are a big part of how we do business.

Our clients are each unique, and we treat them that way. Different client relationships require different time commitments, and it’s our job to know what our clients need. Some clients are quick to email or call and avoid in-person meetings. Others keep emails to a minimum and are happy to meet with us every other month. Discerning how much time a client needs shows respect for the relationship we have with them.

But regardless of preference, we believe there is no substitute for face-to-face communication. That’s why we make it a point to meet with each of our clients several times a year. In-person meetings are essential for getting to know our clients personally. We want to know them more than their websites; we want to know what’s going on in their busy lives because we genuinely care. This is part of our refined experience approach to web partnerships.