Excellence is a word used to express surpassed expectations and better than expected results. We like the word because it captures what we are trying to deliver for our client. The work that we do, how we do it and what we deliver to our client needs to be excellent.

The quality of work we deliver is very important to us and is part of our overall commitment to do the right thing. We do not deliver the project until we feel we have done excellent work. If that means we choose to add a few extras or spend more of our own time to make sure the code is clean, then we do what is necessary — all while staying within the approved schedule.

The processes we use to facilitate a project and the relationship we have with our client should also show excellence. We want them to feel like we do more than just the basics to mange their project and to know we enjoy working with them as individuals and as a collective team.

Ultimately, we want our client to feel what we did for them was more than they expected and the best value they would get for the cost of the relationship with us.