Web can be intimidating for those who do not immerse themselves in it daily and or for a career. The thought of taking on a web initiative can be a source of some stress and possibly a less than positive anticipation.

When working with our wonderful clients, we understand they are engaging us many reasons and one of them is our process. Simply, the client being comfortable knowing we will drive the process from start to finish. The client will make key decisions along the path but they will not have to facilitate and manage getting their web initiatives done. We will facilitate that as painlessly as possible, on time, on budget and then meet or hopefully exceed expectations. We will also try to explain as clearly as possible what is happening and when so the client feels better about the terminologies, strategies and tactics online.

Even during the initial onboarding segment, our desire is that the client feels they are being heard and respected but they will not have to worry about coordinating next steps for or with Robojuice. Once the engagement level is agreed to, the client will have a mapped out plan to get their web initiatives knocked out with excellence. There will be meetings set to make decisions on strategy and design, then the client will approve and sit back while Robojuice handles the necessary aspects of project management.

No one is perfect and we surely are not, but our goal is to provide a refined experience all around and manage the process from prospect to launch.